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Clean Carpets Help Reduce Allergy SymptomsThe health and safety of you, your family and your pets is our number one priority. It is a fact that we are spending more time indoors and the indoor air quality of our homes can and does contribute to our health. We believe in using citrus-based "green" products and, only where necessary, use mild solvents and spotting chemicals with your permission in order to contribute to a healthier home environment. People with asthma, upper respiratory problems, or chemical sensitivity benefit from our cleaning process. Homes with pets that are chemical-sensitive such as dogs, cats and tropical birds also benefit immensely from cleaning processes that are safe and environmentally friendly.

Allergies are definitely on the rise. They are an unwanted response of our immune system. They result in inflammation in the eyes and nose (rhinitis), lungs (asthma) and skin (eczema) - and may contribute to migraines, hyperactivity and rheumatoid arthritis. It is estimated that allergies affect some 40% of the population at some time.

Allergy Relief Through Carpet Cleaning Dust Mites PictureThis is a microscopic critter called a dust mite. He triggers allergies in most people with allergy problems. The house dust mite excrement is one of the most widespread allergen triggers for asthma, eczema and allergic nasal mucous membrane inflammations. Further research revealed this trigger was a microscopic protein found in the excrement of the dust mite. The substance, now known as the allergen Der p1, is today recognized throughout the world as the major cause of the distressing symptoms of asthma, rhinitis, eczema and other dust sensitive conditions.

Those tiny creatures thrive in their millions in the warmth and humidity of carpets, mattresses, bedding, upholstery and furnishings of even the most scrupulously clean homes. They are too small to be seen without a microscope, feeding mainly on shed human skin scales, fungi and bacteria. House dust mites are found in every household. Even with regular and thorough house cleaning, dust particles and human skin scales continuously accumulate.

The home furnishings most likely to be effected are mattresses, carpets, carpet underlay, upholstered fabrics, linen and wall and window treatments. The occupants of the house are the proven source of food for the dust mite and wherever we spend most time in the home will be the greatest affected area. The house dust mite lives for approximately 4 months. In this time, it will produce about 200 times its own body weight in excrement and lay approximately 300 eggs, making the concentration of allergens in areas we most frequent. These then in turn are the areas which require the most attention.

As the dust mite excrement dries, breaks away and becomes airborne, vacuuming with conventional cleaners using conventional filters can do more harm than good by blowing out up to 40% of the dust they collect into the surrounding atmosphere. This can cause even more distress to the people with asthma or other dust related allergy problems.

Even the simple, everyday act of sitting on a mattress or armchair forces air out like a bellows, sending millions of mite droppings (the principle source of the allergen Der p1) into the air. Absorbed either by inhalation or skin contact, this invisible allergen cloud poses a most serious threat to the dust sensitive members of the family. This is why they often feel worse after making the bed, or suffer nightly discomfort lying in bed or on rising when they throw back the covers.

As it is perfectly natural for humans to shed skin scales, the dust mite has an important role to play in everyday life. The eradication of the dust mite is not the object, because total eradication of mites is impossible; therefore, eliminating the allergen is the initial priority.

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